The Verdict

Can we rely on our own system as a video referee?

What did we do?

  • We demonstrated the kit to lots of students in our school, from 2nd to 6th Class.
  • It worked every time!
  • We are now excited to develop our use of Raspberry Pi further and also to develop our project further.
  • We also want to learn more about Raspian.
  • We have been inspired to code further.
  • We want to invest in more Raspberry Pi kits at home and in school.
  • We are sure that we could attempt to:
    • Code a video to record from the camera instead of taking a photograph
    • Install a light bulb to go off when the sensor is activated
    • Install an alarm to go off when the sensor is activated.

Bottom line – our project will not just stop here!

6th Class, 2014-2015