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Pre-Game Analysis


Why do we need computers to help us in sport? Our ‘Goal’ We predicted that the homemade system would be accurate as regards sensor/photographic capacity, but that analysis ‘after-the-score’ would take time, and thus will not be as prompt as modern, sophisticated systems. We were confident that we would be able to analyse, investigate and

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The History of Hawkeye


Hawkeye has made a huge difference since it was invented Why was Hawkeye invented? Sport is very important to the public and is also very important from a commercial point of view. As a result sport needs to be as fair as possible and it is important to stop referees from making mistakes. Human error

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What is Raspberry Pi?


A quick guide to the mini-computer used for our project What is Raspberry Pi? Before we began our project we researched… Raspberry Pi is a computer designed by a British charity called the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It is designed to be as cheap as possible so that many people can afford it and so that

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Which sports use Hawkeye?


It’s not just Gaelic Games that rely on help from Hawkeye! Hawkeye in Football Hawkeye in Football is based on the principle of ‘triangulation’ – using visual images and timing data provided by high-speed video cameras at different locations around the stadium. The cameras track the ball while it moves, while software calculates the ball’s location

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The Technology Involved


We explain the gadgets needed to build our own Hawkeye system What is our project? Our project is to try and build a Hawk-Eye system that we can use for our Teachers versus Students match at the end of the year. This will allow us to find out whether the ball has crossed the goal

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Ask the Experts


We interviewed an expert to ask why Hawkeye is important. To help us to prepare for our project, we interviewed an expert in Hawkeye in Croke Park. Ms. Brennan’s father Nickey was the President of the GAA from 2006-2009. We interviewed him to find out how the GAA use Hawkeye in Croke Park and find

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Our Data and Results

Does our system tell us if a goal’s been scored? In order to test whether our system was working – and whether a ball was being detected by our system – we tried a variety of balls, and passed each in front of the sensor five times. We recorded our results on a table like the one below. As

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The Verdict

Can we rely on our own system as a video referee? What did we do? We demonstrated the kit to lots of students in our school, from 2nd to 6th Class. It worked every time! We are now excited to develop our use of Raspberry Pi further and also to develop our project further. We also

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