The Technology Involved


We explain the gadgets needed to build our own Hawkeye system

What is our project?

  • Our project is to try and build a Hawk-Eye system that we can use for our Teachers versus Students match at the end of the year. This will allow us to find out whether the ball has crossed the goal line or not.
  • We are using a Raspberry Pi which is running a free operating system called Raspbian, which is designed specifically to be used on the Raspberry Pi. We have also bought a motion sensor and camera, both of which are plugged into the Raspberry Pi which is connected to a TV.
  • We have downloaded software which is designed to be used as a CCTV system, and made some changes to it so it can be used as a goal-line detection system.
  • When the motion sensor detects any movement, it immediately sends an email to a specific person telling them there has been motion. At the same time, the camera takes a photograph which is sent by email a few seconds later. The referee or umpire can use this photograph to decide whether the ball has crossed the line.
  • We will place the motion sensor so far behind the line that it will only ‘see’ the ball if it has totally crossed the line. The photograph will help the referee to say if the ball has crossed the line, or whether something else (e.g. the goalkeeper) has been detected instead.