St Peter’s Post #14


Hold onto your hats – we’ve a flood of posts for you this week! It may have been a slow traffic week on the roads, but it certainly hasn’t been on the blog. We think it might be the busiest week yet. We can credit it to two big events – Engineer’s Week 2014 and the blog birthday!

Let’s get started with our Saturday supplement on Engineer’s Week:

  • The week kicked off with a Wordle from 5th class about what we associate with Engineering. We then updated it on Friday to see what we learned during the week. See both Wordles here!
  • 5th class then learned about different types of engineering and made a podcast about the areas that interest us the most. Listen to it here.
  • We held a KNEX challenge for 2nd and 5th class teams to build Katie Taylor Towers (in case Bray ever hosts the Olympics). Check out the Animoto and excellent Vines here.
  • 6th class took on Electric Paint to make robots this week as part of their work for Engineer’s Week. Check out their work here.
  • We also have a round-up of all our Engineer’s Week activities here. Well worth a look!

In other headlines:

  • Our blog turned 1! Our ‘Wednesday for Parents’ (delayed to Thursday for our birthday) talked about why we blog.
  • Aaron Gray from 5th class posted the 1000th comment on the blog this week! Well done Aaron!
  • It was Safer Internet Day this week and we emphasised web safety and positive internet use in our activities for the day. You can read all about them here.
  • 4th class brought us up to date on all their work in January here. You’ll be exhausted reading it!
  • Wondering when all the Sacrament dates are? You can find them all on this post.
  • Our Polly, the Polar Bear, received an invitation this week from St Brigid’s in Greystones. You have to check out the invitation and the very cute response from second class on this post!
  • Ms Mitchell’s class went on a sensory walk this week – what did they learn? Find out here.
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes are enjoying their swimming classes. Listen to their podcast about it here.
  • 2nd class have finished another book! Listen to their excellent podcast about Alfie Green here.
  • 5th class didn’t let the weather get in the way of their PE lesson, taking part in teamwork activities this week. Watch the video here.
  • Ms Mitchell’s class also made smoothies this week. Check out the pictures here.
  • We wished everyone ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ here.
  • And finally, we held a pizza fundraiser on Friday – read all about it here!

That makes a staggering NINETEEN posts this week, including this one. What a way to celebrate our birthday! In other news this week:

    • We submitted our application for the Junior Spiders this week! You can read all about the Junior Spiders here.
    • We love exploring other cultures:
  • We had a conversation in Irish about the weather with a school in Mayo and then, we looked each other up on Google Earth!

convo irish

  • Our friend, Maria O’Sullivan, from the Library sent us this tweet about flooding in Little Bray, years ago:
  • Roots of Empathy continued this week. Second class are really enjoying this programme.
  • Student council worked really hard this week to organise the school computers! Thanks very much everyone!
  • Student Council also celebrated with a cake from Ms Whyte for the blog’s birthday:
  •  2nd class performed Riverdance for the whole school on Friday. Thanks so much to Sue for all her hard work with the class!
  • We also dropped in our entries to the Bord Gais Student Theatre Competition from 5th class – but more about that when we get back after midterm!
  • Finally, thanks to Bray Chamber, who sent us a lovely Tweet, in response to our KNEX Challenge post:

    A reminder that next week will be significantly quieter as we’re on our midterm. There are one or two posts scheduled however and, as always, if you missed any of the St Peter’s Posts along the way, you can check them out here.

— Martina Sexton

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