Class of 2016

Every year we celebrate the graduation of our 6th Class with a new mural in the school. Here is our class of 2016!

This class celebrated their love of Lego and their participation in the Primary Science Fair with Ohbot the Robot (also featured in the picture!)

Top row: Amy Doonan, Jack Jin, Carl Iacob, Alana Murphy

2nd row: Dylan Wheeler, Nathan O’Brien, Alannah O’Brien, Alan Moran, Ben Cunnane, Luke Connolly

3rd row: Ava Treacy, Mason Kelly, Jack Barsoum, Hannah Cowap, Johnny Moorehouse, Astrid Douglas

Bottom row:  Jordan Keddy, Dylan Mason, Robyn Brauner, Ryan McCormack, Calvin O’Callaghan, Stephen Mooney, Tommy Lang, Jordan Farrell, Alex Coffey.


If you want to continue your trip down memory lane, you can view all posts associated with the Class of 2016 on our blog here.


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