St Peter’s Post #10

Welcome to the 10th edition of the ‘St Peter’s Post’ and it’s absolutely packed! This week saw ‘Write A Book’ in full swing, the Virtual Science Fair continued and there were a number of fantastic podcasts. It was also a very busy week for comments on the blog – students and teachers loved reading every single one!

Our Virtual Science Fair continued this week with the following projects from 6th class:

Other headlines from this week include:

  • You can watch an Animoto with all the photos from the Christmas play here.
  • Also from the Christmas play, 5th class posted a video of their ‘Elf Factor’ here.
  • 2nd class made beautifully colourful clay birds – check them out here.
  • Staying with the bird theme, 2nd class explored StoryBird to great effect here.
  • As we mentioned, Write A Book is in full swing. Robert recorded a podcast and Aaron wrote about his progress to update everyone on this post.
  • You can catch up with our work on Limericks in another great podcast here.
  • The Little Book Club spoke about reading children’s books to little brothers and cousins here. Chris Judge’s book ‘The Brave Beast’ got a great reaction and he sent us a Tweet to thank us for our kind words:


  • Make sure to listen to the Student Council podcast to keep up with all the latest news!
  • We made a new Voki to teach others about the Irish Red Deer.
  • ‘Wednesday for Parents’ had a list of online activities to help your child with fractions – a test run proved to be very popular – you can read the comments on the post here.
  • We left comments on a blog in Co. Cork. We were delighted when they left comments on some of our posts too! They do something called the 100 Word Challenge that we might take part in in future. We posted the link here.
  • It was a great week for comments on the blog. We love reading your reactions and praise for each other’s work. It means a huge amount to the students. We were also delighted to see comments from parents and from other schools. Thanks everyone!

In other news:

    • We hit 1.000 tweets on Twitter this week. Sam had the honour of composing the 1,000th Tweet. Sam was an excellent student to choose because he always leaves great comments on the blog and is always very encouraging to other classes. He has lots of school spirit! Here’s his Tweet:

This is our 1,000th tweet since we set up our Twitter in October. Well done to all the classes for getting involved! – Sam — St. Peter’s Primary (@StPetersBray) January 16, 2014

  • Sue continued her great work with our Irish dancers this week! They started the Walls of Limerick.
  • We tweeted as Gaeilge during the week and other schools replied to us.
  • Also on Twitter, we posted about our work on place names and received a number of replies telling us about the meanings of place names in their localities. One school in Leixlip even challenged us to work out what ‘Léim an Bhradáin’ meant – a perfect example of how Twitter can be used to open out the classroom! Read all the reactions here.
  • There was a real theme of perseverance this week – we retweeted a quote from Fr Paddy, who always has great words of positivity…
  • … And Johnny chose this quote for our quotes board:
    • Laureate na nÓg contacted us to let us know about the nomination process for the next Children’s Laureate. We’re going to post about our nominations next week!
    • We started making online treasure hunts using Google Earth at
    • Tommy was in to coach Gaelic Football – as usual, his warm ups put everyone in great form. We also had Conor from the SPU to do Friday Fit Club and there was great excitement in the senior classes over his latest challenge!
    • 2nd class have a new bulletin board based on Roots of Empathy. They tweeted their photos and got a great response!


Next week sees the return of all of our after-school clubs and marks the start of our work for the Creative Schools award with after-school Stop-Motion animation workshops for 4th, 5th and 6th classes. Keep an eye out for the animations on the blog over the next few weeks!

You can catch up with all the previous St Peter’s Post editions here!


— Martina Sexton

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