St Peter’s Post #9


Has it only been 5 days since Monday??

After all the excitement of the Christmas play and the wonderful chaos of December, it’s been lovely to get back to a bit of routine this week. We’re delighted to have all our students back and that they were well-rested and happy to come back to school!

We start our St Peter’s Post this week with a special feature – our Virtual Science Fair! We had our Mini-Scientist showcase with Intel in early December, but we wanted to share the fantastic projects by our 4th, 5th and 6th class students with everyone so we decided to organise an online Science Show as part of our annual entry into the Discover Primary Science Award. This week, we presented 5 projects:

Our other headlines this week are:

  • Some of the classes began their work on the ‘Write a Book’ project. Robert in 5th class is keeping a blog of his progress with the project. You can read this week’s entries here and here.
  • There was a real focus on the New Year this week. 2nd class discussed their resolutions here.
  • 5th class provided their favourite inspiring quotes here.
  • Our ‘Wednesday for Parents’ post provided Digital Resolutions for families.
  • 2nd class showed off their class play from the concert. Check out the Little Rascals here!
  • Our new Student Council began their term. Thanks to last term’s Student Council for all their hard work!

Next week, we’ll continue our Virtual Science Fair, our Write A Book project and our Creative Schools project. Lots still to come this term in St Peter’s!

You can read all of our previous Peter’s Posts here!

— Martina Sexton

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