St Peter’s Post #6


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The countdown has officially begun and we’re all getting very excited.

Here’s a taster of what’s been going on in St. Peter’s in the week’s headlines:

  • Second class have had a very special visitor this week! Polly the Polar Bear arrived on Tuesday and you can watch a very excited second class explain her unexpected entrance here.
  • Mini-Scientist was top of the talked-about list in the senior classes! The date has been changed to Wednesday 4th December – you can help your child to prepare for talking to the judges by asking them lots of questions about their projects, especially questions that begin with ‘why?’ – for example, why did you choose this question? Why did X happen?
  • 4th class have been getting very excited about Christmas. Read all about their preparations here.
  • Thaispeáin Rang A 5 a n-obair le podchraoladh. Éist leo anseo.
  • Student Council have had a very important week. Their weekly podcast, keeping us all up to date on the news of the school, is here. They also received their badges here and launched the 2fm Toy Appeal here. Well done to Kelsey, Codie, Finn, Kian, Jack J, Stephen, Leon, Sam, Jamie and Ian for all their hard work. And of course, thanks very much to Ms Brennan who helps the Student Council with all the great work that they do!
  • Speaking of toys, the Late Late Toy Show takes place tonight. You can listen to us chatting about the Toy Show and more of our Christmas memories here!
  • We were delighted during the week when South Dublin Libraries published a book review from Leon O’Donoghue, one of our fifth class students. You can read all about the link between St Peter’s and the library here and you should definitely read Leon’s review here.
  • 2nd class have packed in a lot of PE into the first term – watch their Animoto video here.
  • The mystery of Mr Foley’s board was solved by Ryan McCormack this week. The answer was New York – find out the question here.
  • This week’s ‘Wednesday for Parents’ focused on getting into the Christmas Spirit. Check out some of our ideas here.

In other news this week:

  • Play rehearsals are going very well! Without giving too much away, we can tell you that the songs are already polished and practised and our first on-stage read through went very well! We can’t wait to see everyone on the 18th December.
  • The Mini-Scientist projects have really taken shape. We’re extremely proud of our work and we’re looking forward to showing it off next Wednesday.
  • This week was European Code Week. The Scratch Club on Wednesday created with Scratch and Blockly and one of our Mini-Scientist groups created consoles using Scratch, MakeyMakey and Electric Paint (and Lego!).
  • We were very excited to be nominated by Seomra Ranga for an Edublog award. We love Seomra Ranga in St Peter’s. They’ve featured work from the school in recent months and we’ve used their quizzes. It’s a great honour to be included in their nominations list and we really appreciate it!
  • South Dublin Libraries sent us unexpected post on Thursday. We were delighted to receive two copies of their excellent resources on the Dublin Lockout. Thanks very much for thinking of us!
  • Art club with Greg this week focused on Superheroes and Supervillains. Some excellent work from the boys and girls!
  • Next week is the Hallelujah Choir concert. Singing club have been working hard and they’re really looking forward to Thursday evening. Singing Club were practising their dance moves to the songs on Thursday last with Paddy, Ms Sexton and Mr Foley!
  • Well done to all the boys and girls who left comments last week – we always hear from students that they’re reading the blog, so it’s lovely to see you leaving comments too!

Check back next week for more news. With further adventures from Polly, Mini-Scientist showcase and the Hallelujah Choir concert, we’re certain it won’t be a quiet one!

As always, you can read all previous editions of the St Peter’s Post here!

— Martina Sexton

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