Jolly Phonics

We use Jolly Phonics as our phonics programme in St. Peter’s Primary School. Jolly Phonics is a fun and child-centred approach to teaching literacy through phonics. The students learn 42 letter sounds through actions, songs and activities.

On this page, you can find the songs and the videos for each of the letter sounds in the order we teach them in.

This video gives you the 42 sounds in the right order, with the pages from the book and the pictures to match.

This video teaches your child the way to say the sounds using their mouths properly.

Jolly Phonics songs VIDEO CLIPS from CeciAlejan on Vimeo.

The kids love this one – it’s funny, but a great way to revise their sounds!

We find that the best way to use these videos is to just focus on the sound that your child is having difficulty with or revising that day. You can watch the video together, sing the song, do the action and work on saying the sound together.